May 29, 2010

Huni / Funnel

Kafama huni geçirip dolaşmak geliyor içimden,
Deliliği bilirmiş gibi.

Omer Kursat, 1974

Literal English translation:
I feel like wandering around wearing a funnel on my head,
As if I know what madness is.

Google translate:
To move through the funnel and comes to my head of me
Like the freak you know.

Bing Translator:
Renewing the funnel and move around the coming içimden,
The madness such as bilirmiş.

And as Faruk says:
I wouldn't even try to translate it. You need to rewrite it

Dunce in me gushes forward,
taking refuge in ignorance.
me wear my hat I man tin man
walk in the can can mad can

plus many more,

Depicting characters with a funnel on their heads (to indicate their madness) is a common theme in Turkish cartoons, more common than I have seen elsewhere. Wikipedia states that it is an old universal symbol: “The inverted thistle funnel is a symbol of madness. It appears in many Medieval depictions of the mad.

The poem uses the madness/craziness symbolism to express an ironic sense of emotional disturbance brought about by either a desperate love affair, or more likely a philosophy where the whole consciousness of life is perceived as too complex and too much to handle. The author is expressing a desire to be crazy by acting crazy, as a means of showing to the world his state of mind, at the same time acknowledging a longing for experiencing a nirvana-like awareness

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