June 13, 2010

Honolulu Magazine Photo Contest, 2005


1st Place in Film Category.
I liked the blurring of the motion and the way carnival lights mixed with the light at dusk. 

2nd Honorable Mention in Film Category.
She was a first time visitor to Waimanalo; I wanted to capture her excitement.

After seeing the Honolulu Magazine Photo Contest announcement in the Honolulu Weekly only a day before the deadline, I submitted two photographs for the film category (there were three categories: film, digital, and manipulated). I had seen a 1980's copy of the magazine with pictures from the annual contest; apparently the contest was canceled and this was the first year it was being reinstated with sponsorship of the Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani.

I picked one picture that I had really liked, of Peeps (Annette Strube), then I noticed that the entrants were allowed two pictures, so I submitted the Carnival picture as an afterthought. Both pictures were selected and published, and the Carnival won the first place!

Both pictures were taken with a Horizont rotating-lens panoramic camera. The jurors were Peter Shaindlin, A. Kam Napier, Linny Morris, Floyd K. Takeuchi, Allison Wong, and Jayson Harper.

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