June 18, 2010

Honolulu Magazine Photo Contest, 2007

1st Place in Film Category.
I walked around during a First Friday Gallery Walk.  Using 1600 ASA film allowed me to get close to the crowds without using a flash.”  

2nd Honorable Mention in Film Category.
Taking photographs while walking the crowded streets reminds me of stills taken at a movie set.  Shooting at night without a flash allows me to get close to the 'actors'.

The two pictures that I submitted for the Honolulu Magazine 2006 Photo Contest contest were not selected at all.  They were shots of trees at the Foster Botanical Gardens, which I realize were rather boring.

It was 2006 and we had been frequenting First Fridays in Chinatown. I was shooting away at the art, at the artists and the crowds.  The experience of walking around in fast pace, while framing through the viewfinder of a panoramic camera gave me the impression of filming a live-action movie in CinemaScope--it was not the film that mattered, it was the act of filming it !

The two that I selected for the 2007 contest were--and still are--my favorites as I believe they truly captured my personal impressions, the very essence of what I liked about First Fridays--an action film, or rather, the set of an action film full of actors, actresses, extras and spectators!

Cocky or not, I was confident that these two that I selected for the 2007 contest would at least get some honorable mention.  After the results were announced, I remember joking around with friends that I was the only one left using film (that everyone else had gone digital), so it was only obvious that I had won as the only entrant in the film category.

Both pictures were taken with the Horizont rotating-lens panoramic camera (which was now my "insignia", after having won two contests); and the jurors were Peter Shaindlin, Dana Forsberg, Sergio Goes, Kathryn Drury Wagner and Kristin Lipman. 

Just a few months ago, I had met Sergio at an IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre photo shoot, where he was photographing The Living Tarot.  I shadowed him sneaking in before and after his sessions shooting the dancers, talking story here and there. I was telling myself that maybe I had found a mentor of sorts, that I could learn and work with him. Little did I know what would happen next, when he leaves us a year later.

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