June 1, 2010

Pictures at an Exhibition I - Magnetic Fields Forever

Pictures at an Exhibition I -- At the Gelareh Khoie exhibit, Magnetic Fields Forever, at thirtyninehotel, Honolulu.
As has been for the last several years, I somehow insist on using available light at nighttime, which most of the time translates to almost no light (the title of the show is barely visible on the wall illuminated by disco lights--click on picture for a larger view). 

Magnetic Fields Forever exhibit is beautiful (the individual paintings, as well as the entire space, whether the paintings are illuminated in full gallery lights or dim disco lights afterhours, as shown here!)  As stated on the thirtyninehotel newsletter: According to Khoie, "In seeking to understand natural phenomena and to translate its deeper mechanisms into a visual language, a path to self-knowledge unfolds. The knowledge becomes clear that art and artist are indistinct from what we label the “natural world,” and that all things in the universe exist in perfect accord: things are as they are and cannot be another way."

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