September 25, 2010

The Art of the Cocktail

Melissa and Grady at Waikiki Parc.

Miso Eggplant at Nobu.

Single shot (roating lens, rotating wrist!)

Lizard skin pool (!) at the Halekulani.  

Christian Self of thirtyninehotel at Lewers Lounge, visiting with Art of the Cocktail lad Simon Ford.

Christian back at thirtyninehotel, with Gelareh; Grady getting drinks.
Boys and Girls.

Upstairs at Fusion.

September 16, 2010

Pictures at an Exhibition II - Gina Osterloh

At the Gina Osterloh exhibit at thirtyninehotel: Los Angeles, California to Manila, Philippines: You Are My Blindspot (Part 1).

September 12, 2010

Grady (rhymes with Party!)

A "jump-in"... (off the pool, into the picture!)

Instant Fuji prints...


Hamburger USA

From the backside of a letter written to me by my friend Margarett Jolly, who worked with printing presses for quite a number of years.  As she states, "... it was a pamphlet for an AFSC 1979 slide/cassette show exposing the insidious nature of the US food system."  (Note that the two solid lines running vertically are the folds in the paper).

She does not remember who the artist was, however vividly recalls painstakingly creating the four negatives with colleague Bob Eaton, to reprint it in its four color splendor on their 11x17 A.B. Dick printing press.  "Getting the colors right and lining up each of the four colors was quite a feat for a small basement print shop", she remembers.

The presentation is still available.  Whenever I see such items I always keep being reminded that there really is nothing new under the sunsure, the media has changed since 1979, that we have gone from slide shows and cassettes to streaming videos and mp3's, but the message is about the same human condition ("suffering", if you will!).  (Not to mention the suffering we inflict on other living creatures.)